Julieta   Knapp  -   Co-Owner

Stratus Roofing is the combination of three families who share a passion for all aspects of Real Estate development and construction. While each of these families enjoyed individual success, they decided to join together in the late 90’s to become the team they are today: Stratus Roofing. Together with their faith and commitment to excellence, they have evolved as a leading residential and commercial roofing contractor in the area.They have extensive experience in all aspects of roofing-Commercial, Residential, Flat, Shingle, Tile, and Metal. TPO. They are qualified to provide unique unbiased solutions to even the most complex roofing jobs. Due to their ability to maintain the highest industry certifications in these areas, they are able to provide warranties both from the manufacturer and in-house on most services performed.  

The corporate culture of their organization is rooted in faith and dedication to delivering each project with Integrity, Service and Performance. This remains our recipe for success and the expectation of our teams, vendors and partners alike. Their ongoing goal is to provide the best roofing experience to all clients regardless of the scope of the job. Our extensive client base includes, but not limited to Condo Associations, Walgreens, Hyatt, Florida State Prisons, Core Construction, Seacoast Bank, US Military Base camps, Austin Commercial, West Orange Chamber of Commerce and more.

Julieta Knapp, an owner of Stratus Roofing, understands the value of delivering each project with a high level of service, integrity and performance. As a former property manager, she recognizes the challenges in managing owners and resident needs during construction. Therefore, her commitment in collaborating with property managers and residents to ensure the roofing project runs smoothly, is evident in her communication and service level with all parties involved. As a Central Florida resident for over 40 years, she has been involved with various organizations such as Rotary Club of Orlando, West Orange Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador to Chamber of Commerce, PCEA, Community Association Institute, Greater Orlando Builders Association, AAGO. She currently works alongside her husband, Arthur Knapp, owner of Stratus Roofing, and has two children.

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