Chad Bass - General Manager

Lakes & Wetland Management has been providing professional environmental services since 1992. Our company is a premier contractor for Golf Courses, Residential Homeowner Associations, Community Development Districts, Commercial properties, Water Management Districts, and Municipal authorities to protect and enhance all of your environmental assets. Lake & Wetland Management is a full-service environmental resource management company providing services for Lakes, Wetlands and Preserves for algae and aquatic weed control, aquatic plantings, preserve maintenance, large-scale invasive/exotic plant removal, fish stocking, mosquito/midge larvae control.

Along with these services, we offer installation and maintenance of eco-friendly fountain and aeration systems, as well as a one-of-a-kind erosion control system. Lake & Wetland Management specializes in, and is Florida’s certified service provider of, the environmentally safe SOX Erosion Solutions™. After 15 years of research and product development, SOX Erosion Solutions™ halts and reverses shoreline erosion using naturally degradable materials. Further, it's product configuration ensures safe, flexible, and lasting solutions, all while fully conforming to the guidelines of state and local governing agencies.

This environmentally friendly and effective solution to shoreline erosion is the result of research and development activities completed in compliance with guidelines of the Department of Natural Resources, Watershed Districts and Land and Water Offices. SOX is a bio-engineered erosion control solution that immediately arrests shoreline and hillside erosion, providing a foundation for vegetation reestablishment---nature’s most effective means of erosion control.  Beyond being installed, studied and monitored in three of the most stringent states for regulation of erosion control, an independent study led by a renowned university professor has recently proven SOX’s superiority over competing products in filtering and buffering runoff waters, returning clean water to our water supplies. The system has superior abilities providing a high quality, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for erosion management. Lake and Wetland Management provides free survey, quote and recommendations based on proven, sound environmental practices. As we continue to grow and expand, we remain committed to keeping up with the most current and effective techniques, ensuring our customers benefit from the best quality service.

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