David   Karins

We bring new life to your property, assuring its longevity and your peace of mind. For 20 years, Karins Engineering has provided life cycle engineering-from design concept, to maintenance, to restoration for a variety of residential, government, commercial and industry need.

Karins Engineering is among the largest and most diverse comprehensive structural engineering firms in the State of Florida. Karins offers services in structural design, restoration and forensics engineering. We are licensed in 28 states and maintain a staff of 60, including 16 Florida licensed structural engineers.

Throughout Karins 20-year history in design and restoration, the firm has worked on hundreds of projects to extend the useful life, strengthen or re-purpose existing structures, providing the following types of services:

• Structural Restoration Consulting (including waterproofing, painting and sealant restoration, concrete repair and restoration, corrosion protection, balcony/railing repair and replacement, roofing,window replacement and structural remediation consulting)
• Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Design
• Structural Engineering Design for New Construction
• Preliminary Planning and Design, Final Design and Construction Documents
• Forensic Services
• Owner’s Representative Services
• Hurricane Resistant Design
• Certified Special Inspectors of Threshold Buildings
• Resident Inspector Capability
• Project Management
• Expert Witness, Legal Services

Karins has provided services to a diverse clientele including property managers, community and homeowner associations, private clubs, architects, engineers, contractors, government agencies, individual owners, condominium and homeowner associations, and insurance companies throughout the US.
Karins Engineering has six offices to serve clients throughout Florida:  Sarasota (Corporate) | Tampa | Daytona | St. Petersburg | Ft. Lauderdale | Bonita Springs

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